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Simple tools for complex problems

Data Collection, Access & Analysis 


Measurements of water & weather taken with monitoring tools are sent as SMS. The data reaches a cloud-based Data Center in near real-time.

Many climate parameters can be monitored with our solution. Data on exceptional events or surveying the status of monitoring stations can be captured as well. 

In the online Data Center

measurements are quickly quality controlled, visualized & made accessible for download, forecasting & modelling.

Connecting &
adding value

Bridging a gap in communication, the solution connects and adds value to the work of NHMS staff.

RainG - Ntubwi Liwonde - 15351001 - GR Mr Kapindi (5).jpeg

Training at the meteorological station in Ntubwi
& the river gauging station on Dwanga River, Malawi.

Building capacity is at the heart of our solution

At the monitoring station, we train government staff & Gauge Readers in data submission using phones,
how data is processed, and how measurements create value for their communities & country. 

We train users in how to access measurements & navigate the Data Center - ensuring it is easy to use in daily operations. We also offer training in data integration & ICT.

RiverG - Dwanga River - 6C1 - MR Samson Phiri 3.jpeg

Capacity building

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